DEEP VIEW activities will be implemented in 24 months and will be organised in 6 Work Packages, 3 sequential and 3 transversals to the project lifespan.

Sequential Activities

Desk Research

We will provide a ‘state of the art’ on the extension of virtual work and its impact on working conditions, with special reference to the 3 sectors considered and the role played by social dialogue and collective bargaining at the national and the sectoral level. The Desk Research will be uploaded to our website and social networks. Period: months 1-6

Field Work

Once we’ve finished the desk research, we’ll carry out the qualitative research fieldwork. It’ll take about seven months. Period: months 7 – 14.

Concluding analysis

By the month 15 we will start to draw the conclusions from the project and it’ll last until the month 20, when we’ll start the dissemination activities. Period: months 15 – 20.

Project Management, Dissemination activities and Quality control and monitoring.

These three transversal work packages will ensure a close coordination among partners and a wide dissemination of the project results. Furthermore, monitoring includes the interim and final monitoring and evaluation report. As regards quality control of the research outcomes, the draft final report will be peer reviewed and evaluated by two independent academics with renown expertise of the topic.