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4th Newsletter – End of the project

Download the 4th newsletter for Deep View project where you can find the conclusions exposed on the Final Conference held in Madrid the17th of January 2020. Read the 4th Newsletter here Past newsletters: 3rd Newsletter. 2nd Newsletter 1st Newsletter

Final reports dissemination

Deep View is an EASI project that has explored the contribution of social dialogue and collective bargaining in the promotion of decent and productive virtual work among the five partners countries: Austria, Spain, Portugal, Estonia and Denmark. Deep View final reports are...
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3rd Newsletter of the project!

  This 3rd newsletter for Deep View project contians an overview about the overcomes from the fieldwork. The fieldwork has gathered qualitative data from social partners at cross-sectoral, sectoral and company levels. The data explore how social dialogue and collective bargaining at those...
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2nd Newsletter for Deep View Project

Follow our steps on Deep View project reading our 2nd newsletter. Keep informed about our research methods and next steps. Read 2nd Deep View Project Newsletter Remember 1st Newsletter is also online: check it out here.