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Comparative Report. Preliminary findings: Desk research

In order to address the objectives and research questions of the project, DEEP VIEW is conducting desk research and field work (semi-structured interviews and company case studies).

This preliminary report presents the outcomes of desk research, which was oriented to obtain a clear picture of the ‘state of the art’ in the involved countries and sectors.

The report first reviews the main concepts and categories used to approach the topic and provides a definition of virtual work.

Second, it describes the incidence and features of virtual work based on both European and national surveys.

Third, it reviews previous research outcomes on the effects of virtual work on working conditions at national and sectoral level.

Fourth, it analyses national approach to regulate virtual work.

Fifth, the report addresses main institutional features of industrial relations in the three sectors and five countries; and the role played by social dialogue and collective bargaining at sectoral and company level to regulate working conditions of virtual workers.

Download the “Comparative Report. Preliminary findings: Desk research”